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Moybolgue Family Names[1]

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By Philip Donnelly, Ottawa, Canada

The old cemetery of Moybolgue, about three miles south from the town of Bailieborough, on the border between Meath and Cavan, is of great historic interest. It is reputed to be the burial place of more of the ancient Irish kings than anywhere else in Ireland[2]. A history of the Roman Catholic part of the parish around the village of Kilmainhamwood has already been recorded[3]. But the heritage and legends of the civil parish known as Moybolgue and the stories of the people who lived there are yet to be told.


 moybolgue cemetery 1

 Moybolgue old cemetery

 A history of Moybolgue should preserve some valuable memories of the ordinary people who, for thousands of years, cultivated the soil, harvested the turf, and tended the cattle, on the hills and in the valleys of this region. The traces of ringforts and crannogs (dwellings in lakes, supported on wooden posts) which dot the landscape, but which may be recognizable only to trained archaeologists, give some clues about the people who lived here in the Early Christian periods and into the Middle Ages[4]. But too much time and too many generations have slipped by in the intervening centuries, and even the most tenuous links to that distant past may have vanished for ever. The passing of just 150 years has gone a very long way towards wiping out all living recollections of the 386 families who populated the surrounding townlands and were the tenants or owners of land in the civil parish of Moybolgue in 1854[5].


Moybolgue Griffiths Valuation 1850s

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Check Your Ancestors

 Review this list from Griffith's Valuation of Ireland (1848-1864) for the Parish of Moybolgue and Tierworker in County Meath and County Cavan to see if your ancestors are listed


Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland - 1848-1864

Parish : Moybolgue in County Meath

Parish : Moybolgue in County Cavan

Agheragh Gargan, Bridget Aghnaclue Clarke, Laurence
Gargan, Edward Clarke, Richard
Gargan, James Donnelly, Frank
Gargan, James, Jr. Olwill, Michael
Gargan, John Reilly, James, Jr.
Gargan, John Reilly, James, Sr.
Gargan, Patrick Reilly, Terence
Gargan, Patrick, Jr. Ballynamona Blacker, Beaver
Gargan, Philip Brady, Bridget
Gargan, Thomas Clarke, Frank
Gargan, Tierny Clarke, John
Pringle, John Clarke, Michael
Bawnbreakey Fleming, John Clarke, Patrick
Smith, Christopher Clarke, Peter
Boggan Carolan, Bridget Clarke, Peter, Jr.
Clarke, Richard Clarke, Rose
Connolly, Bridget Coyle, Bryan
Connolly, Matthew Cusack, Peter
Donnelly, Francis Fitzsimons, Patrick
Farrell, John Mc Cabe, Margaret
Farrell, Peter Mc Cabe, Patrick
Rogers, Owen Reilly, Michael
Corcarra Cox, Richard Tully, Anne
Fleming, John Youngs, ???
Hart, Patrick Blackhills Lower Clarke, James
Hynes, Catherine Clarke, James, Sr.
Miles, Richard Clarke, John
Murray, James Clarke, Michael
Reilly, Thomas Clarke, Patrick
Smith, John Clarke, Thomas
Corgreagh or Killagriff Cahill, Thomas Cooney, Frank
Gordan, Arthur Cooney, Mary
Gordon, John Coyle, Bryan
Gordon, William Coyle, Ellen
Halton, Laurence Coyle, James
Mc Cabe, Michael Coyle, Owen
Mc Wherter, Rep. Thos. Dailly, James
Ormanstin, David Farrelly, Michael
Ormanstin, Elizabeth Farrelly, Owen
Ormanstin, George Flanagan, John
Ormanstin, James Gellan, John
Ormanstin, William Gellan, Matthew
Pringle, John Gill, Matthew
Rogers, Michael Gillan, Patrick
Roundtree, Isaac Gumly, John
Roundtree, Peter Matthews, Patrick
Roundtree, Peter, Jr. Mc Cann, Luke
Snow, Patrick Tully, James
Sullivan, Edward Blackhills Upper Clarke, James
Winright, Samuel Clarke, James, Jr.
Cormeen Blake, Philip Clarke, James, Sr.
Brien, Peter Clarke, John
Clarke, Bryan Clarke, Matthew
Conniety, Rev. John Clarke, Patrick
Fallon, Philip Clarke, Thomas
Fitzsimons, James Cooney, John
Fitzsimons, Philip Cooney, Patrick
Fleming, John Coyle, Owen
Kernan, Cormack Farnan, Bryan
Mc Cabe, Patrick Farrelly, Bryan
Mc Dermott, Edward Farrelly, Owen
Miles, Patrick Flanagan, John
Smith, Patrick Gill, Matthew
Waters, Catherine Heeny, Patrick
Doon Cahill, Stephen Matthews, Patrick
Carry, Thomas Tierney, Patrick
Clarke, John Carnans Lower Clarke, Michael
Clarke, John, Jr. Clarke, Peter
Clarke, Michael Clarke, Philip
Clarke, Patrick Cox, Patrick
Clarke, Peter Curran, Hugh
Curran, Edward Farrelly, Patrick
Curran, Edwd. Garrigan, Alice
Curran, Hugh Garrigan, Matthew
Farnan, Margaret Garrigan, Michael
Fitzsimons, James Gilston, James
Gaffney, William Haig, Henry
Pollock, George A. Haig, Thomas
Smith, Margaret Rogers, Patrick
Tully, Matthew Carnans Upper Clarke, Lawrence
Tully, Owen Clarke, Michael
Drumbulrisk Bellew, Charles Clarke, Peter
Cox, Richard Connell, Patrick
Donnelly, Francis Daly, Patrick
Farrell, Hugh Farnan, Bryan
Halpin, Bernard Haig, Henry
Drumlayne Marry, Mary Haig, Thomas
Mc Entee, Bryan Mc Dermott, Myles
Mc Entee, Hugh Sheridan, Terence
Kilboyne Cahill, Philip Smith, James
Clarke, Michael Ward, Michael
Lynch, Rev. John Greaghnadarragh Clarke, Andrew
Mc Cabe, Jane Clarke, John
Mc Cabe, Patrick Clarke, Owen
Mc Entee, Cormack Clarke, Patrick
Smith, Owen Cooney, Anne
Tully, Anne Cooney, Catherine
Kilfannan Blake, George Cooney, Michael
Blake, Thomas Cooney, Owen
Cassidy, Alexander Daly, Thomas
Cassidy, John Donnelly, Catherine
Clinton, Christopher Donnelly, Michael
Clinton, Philip Donnelly, Rose
Garigan, Thomas Reilly, Michael
Westenra, Col. Francis Tully, Francis
Letachmentgallon Tully, Anne Tully, Mark
Williamson, Elizabeth Tully, Mary
Lisnaboy Connell, Cornelius Tully, Michael
Connell, Stephen Leitrim Caffrey, John
Fitzsimons, Mary Clarke, Andrew
Fitzsimons, Stephen Clarke, Charles
Losset Brady, Margaret Clarke, Elizabeth
Browne, John Clarke, Michael
Fay, Rose Clarke, Patrick
Fay, Thomas Donnellan, Anne
Gargan, Michael Donnellan, Ellen
Lynch, Rev. John Dunne, Francis
Mawhertor, John Farrley, Patrick
Mawhertor, Robert Flack, Samuel
Mc Mahon, John Gonne, Andrew
Reilly, Philip Halfpenny, Bernard
Williamson, Anne Maguire, Anne
Williamson, Joshua Mitchell, Hugh
Moyhill Brown, Ellen O'Hare, John
Crawford, Margaret Olwill, James
Mullen, John Parr, Young
Rogers, Thomas Pidgeon, Terence
Williamson, James Reilly, Edward
Williamson, Joshua Reilly, Philip
Williamson, Michael Sullivan, Patrick
Mullaghavally Clarke, Mary Tully, Joseph
Hart, Ellen Tully, Patrick
Martin, Patrick Relaghbeg Brady, Bridget
Mooney, Rev. James Brady, Philip
Murray, Peter Chambers, Thomas
Reilly, Patrick Crossan, Bryan
Smith, John Crossan, Philip
Mullystaghan Anderson, Jane Cullen, Edward
Brady, Edward Gaffney, Anne
Clarke, Bridget Gaffney, Owen
Mc Dermott, Edward Gaffney, Philip
Mc Entee, Hugh Gallagher, Thomas
Mc Entee, John Garrigan, Rose
Mc Entee, Patrick Reilly, Matthew
Miles, Peter Sheridan, Thomas
Westenra, Col. Francis Smith, Bridget
Teevurcher (Tierworker) Bligh, Rep. Thomas Smyth, Daniel
Carolan, Edward Ward, Nicholas
Carolan, Hugh Relaghmore Bowen, Edward
Carolan, Hugh, Jr. Bowen, John
Carolan, Thomas Brady, Charles
Clarke, Bryan Donnelly, Frank
Clarke, Patrick Heery, Thomas
Clarke, Stephen Lanesborough, ???
Curran, Edward Srahan Carolan, Peter
Curran, Hugh Clarke, Bryan
Curran, Rep. Laughlin Clarke, Patrick
Daly, Anne Farrelly, Bernard
Daly, James Reilly, James
Daly, Owen Reilly, John
Farley, Mary Tullynaskeagh Caffrey, Philip
Gargan, Michael Clarke, Hugh
Gargan, Philip Clarke, James
Gargan, Thos. Clarke, Michael
Gleany, Matthew Clarke, Owen
Mc Cabe, John Clinton, Patrick
Mc Cabe, Mary Daly, Margaret
Mc Cabe, Patrick Donnelly, Edward
Mc Entee, Bryan Donnelly, Francis
Mitchel, James Donnelly, Frank
Mitchel, Michael Donnelly, James
Pringle, John Donnelly, Owen
Reilly, Philip Donnelly, Patrick
Rogers, Margaret Fottrell, Mary
Tirachorka Barrett, Christopher Fox, Michael
Cassidy, James Garigan, James
Clarke, Ellen Garigan, Philip
Clarke, Matthew Heery, John
Clarke, Patrick Machonchy, ???
Farrell, Susan Magawelly, Peter
Farrell, Thomas Murray, Solomon
Fay, Alice Reilly, Patrick
Finegan, Edward Smith, Henry
Gaynor, Luke Young, William
Hand, Thomas
Mathews, Catherine
Mc Mohon, John
Reilly, John
Reilly, Philip
Smith, Margaret
Tirawinnea Cahill, John
Farnan, Thomas
Finley, Owen
Fleming, John
Gaffney, Bridget
Keane, Judith
Mc Entee, Cormack
Shaffry, Paul
Smith, Patrick
Walsh, Laurence
Williamson, Edward




The Eyes That Shone - from Ireland to Canada in the 1950s

But a word of warning! The Eyes That Shone is not a saga filled with horrible tragedy and dysfunctional relationships, but rather a celebration of family lives in Ireland and Canada, in other words, a happy story featuring:

  • Memories of life on small farms in Ireland before 1950 and before tractors and electrification, when growing food depended largely on human sweat and muscle
  • Recollections about people and events in the Department of Public Works of Canada where the author worked during the period 1957 to 1991
  • Intimate perspectives on living and dying, politics and religion, home and family