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Many of the people who lived in the early 1900s around Tierworker are featured in the photos in this article. We need help to identify students at the old national school at Edendugally in 1913. Fortunately, Willie O'Brien at age 95 is able to identify many of the students in Edengora National School in the 1920s. We only have a few names of women and men of Tierworker who went on an excursion of pioneers in the 1930s or 1940s.

 Help needed to identify these women of Tierworker, and date?


Some names - suggested by Richard Barber, Kathleen Cooney, Catherine Ciechanowicz (nee Reilly); Note that different names have been suggested for the same person. Back row, left to right: #1 ??? #2 ??? #3 ???. #4 Anne Marie (Nan) nee Clarke from Doon, d.1999 aged 92. #5 Alice Donnelly nee Tully of Greaghnadarragh; Front row, left to right: #1 Mrs Clarke, Katie Clarke's mother OR Biddy Gearty. #2 Mrs Stafford. OR Biddy Gearty’s sister, a Mrs. Pender from Blackrock, Co. Louth. They are grandaunts of Margaret Duffy of Boolies, Balrath, #3 ???. #4 ???. #5 ???. Probably a Pioneer excursion in the mid-1930s.

Submitted at: 2010-06-05 08:38:16

Your name: Sharon D'Arcy
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Your message: Hiya Philip,

I am a grand-daughter of Anne Marie (Nan) Clarke of Doon. You have a photograph of what you presume is a probably a Pioneer excursion c1940, although Kathleen Cooney guesses 1954/6. My father rang Tom French in Navan Library to inform him that his mother, Anne Marie was present in the photo and told him where she was standing. We think she is listed as the wrong person on the photo. We would have said her position in the photo was sixth on the back row, left to right. She is wearing a small hat with one curl visible on her forehead and all you see in the photo is her head as the shoulders or the rest of her body is not visible.

She died in 1999 aged 92 and I would have gauged her age in the photo to be in her late teens or early 20s so I would say c1930s but that would just be a guess.

I have done some family research in the Clarkes of Doon.  Do you have any information on the names on headstones in Moybolgue cemetery?  I would be very interested in you have any?

Sharon D'Arcy

Response - Sharon, I think your description fits with #4 in back row. Only her head is visible.


Help needed to identify these men of Tierworker, and date?


Some names - suggested by Richard Barber and Kathleen Cooney. Note that different names have been suggested for the same person. Comments: “two Reillys, Tommy and John” where in photo?” “some of the Clarkes or Tierneys in the back row”. Back row, left to right: #1 John Reilly. #2 Tommy Reilly. #3 Dickie Barber. #4 ???. #5 ???. #6 ??? (standing, wearing cap); Front row, left to right: #1 ???. #2 ???. #3 Mick Fagen of Losset OR Micheal Gargan Drumbar. #4 ???. #5 ???; Probably a Pioneer excursion in the mid-1930s.


Help needed to identify these people at Edendugally National School c1913 



Mrs O'Brien, Willie O'Brien of Tierworker, and Richard Barber. Photo taken at O'Brien home in Tierworker in April 2010. Submitted by Richard Barber on April 17, 2010


Willie O`Brien of Edengora at 95 years is the oldest living person in Tierworker Parish. Photo taken c2009. Submitted by Richard Barber April 17, 2010.



On a recent trip to Tierworker, Richard Barber obtained some old photos from Edengora National School taken in 1923. The pupils named by Willie O`Brien as in back row left to right: Maggie Bennett, Nan Clarke, Kate Clarke, Tom Duff, Pat Shaffery, Jimmy Farrelly, Dickie Farrelly, Rose Farrelly, Theresa Carolan, Mary Mc Entee; 3rd row front: Dickie Farrelly, Matt Farrelly, Eugene Jackson, Eugene Gargan, Kate Jackson, Sarah Martin,  ?  Skelly, Stephen Clarke, Willie O`Brien, Jimmy Matthews. Submitted by Richard Barber April 17, 2010,


Submitted by Richard Barber, April 17, 2010


Submitted by Richard Barber April 17, 2010 (Kathleen Gargan the name partially cut off in the last row)

The Eyes That Shone - from Ireland to Canada in the 1950s

But a word of warning! The Eyes That Shone is not a saga filled with horrible tragedy and dysfunctional relationships, but rather a celebration of family lives in Ireland and Canada, in other words, a happy story featuring:

  • Memories of life on small farms in Ireland before 1950 and before tractors and electrification, when growing food depended largely on human sweat and muscle
  • Recollections about people and events in the Department of Public Works of Canada where the author worked during the period 1957 to 1991
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